Executive Officer - WASEC

  • Fremantle
  • Contract
  • Thu Nov 24 01:08:21 2022

The Western Australian Social Enterprise Council (WASEC) is the peak body democratically representing social enterprise in WA. WASEC is in its formative stages, and represents ordinary and associate members, with a founding Board. This role will be employed by Impact Seed Partnerships, the auspicing body.

WASEC was founded in 2019 by a volunteer Board of dedicated social entrepreneur leaders to develop and define the WA social enterprise sector and provide a forum for mutual support.

WASEC’s vision is a vibrant, innovative and capable social enterprise sector in WA that is sufficiently resourced and supported to achieve high social, cultural and environmental impact. Its strategic objectives are to:

  • Promote social enterprise across WA;
  • Develop the growth of the Social Enterprise ecosystem in WA
  • Be the conduit to facilitate discussions between social enterprises and sector leaders;
  • Carry out research, publish, and speak on social enterprise;
  • Encourage the development of mechanisms such as social procurement and social enterprise funding for the advancement of social enterprise;
  • Advocate with governments, private sector and the charitable sector to facilitate the development of social enterprise;
  • Liaise with other bodies interested in the development of social enterprise.


WASEC is seeking an Executive Officer (CEO) to oversee their strategic operations and the management of their membership base of social enterprises and chapters across WA. This leadership role will report directly to the WASEC Co-Chairs, and work closely with all WASEC Board members to help build a connected and engaged social enterprise network across Western Australia. It would also include liaising with national Social Enterprise stakeholders (Social Traders, ASENA etc.)

Key tasks will include supporting and engaging with WASEC members through the development of their membership benefits, delivering regular social enterprise events; advocating for the social enterprise sector in a variety of settings, managing administration, finalising the WA Social Enterprise Mapping Project and evaluating and reporting on activities and funding.

The CEO will be employed by Impact Seed Partnerships, as the auspicing body for WASEC. This will be a fixed contract for up to 3 days per week up to end December 2023. There is the possibility for continued extension beyond this period which may include more hours per week, depending on agreements.

KEY Strategic Focus

1. Advocate for WASEC Members in a variety of settings:

  • Maintain a current, broad understanding of the social enterprise sector (metropolitan and regional);
  • Work with the WASEC Board to actively seek opportunities for advocacy, and to advance the interests of our members, including attracting funding and in-kind support.
    • Policy change across all key sectors
2. Engage and grow network membership:
  • Design, implement and maintain systems and processes for managing network membership.
  • Promote network membership to the broader WA social enterprise sector in order to grow membership over time.
  • Review and adapt systems and processes where relevant and as needed
  • Coordinate learning and other events
  • Maintain routine online and other communication and marketing activities
3. Work with the WASEC Board to research and investigate alternative funding streams to grow the sustainability of the organisation.

4. Plan and implement the Strategic Objectives, including.
  • Adopting Social Enterprise Certification in WA
  • Adoption of SE Accreditation by state and local government and corporate sector
  • Policy change such as Social Enterprise Procurement
  • Resourcing sector representation and advocacy

Other Activities / Projects

  • Finalise the Social Enterprise Mapping Project
  • Liaise with national Social Enterprise stakeholders (Social Traders, ASENA etc.)
  • Liaise with the sector (all stakeholder groups - regional, business, gov etc.)
    • Be the main point of contact for social enterprise networks responding to needs as they relate to the peak body.
    • Coordinate information to support regional social enterprise communities to form event, forums and networks.
    • Keep WASEC members up to date on activities/events.
  • Work with networks and other stakeholders to deliver social enterprise events:
    • Work with the WASEC Committee and networks to promote and plan a calendar of social enterprise events
    • Make the calendar of events accessible to network members (via website, emails and social media) and encourage their participation.
  • Manage administration and communication:
    • Oversee the day-to-day operations of WASEC (including staffing and HR, contract negotiation and budget oversight)
    • Design, implement and manage projects and programs as requested by WASEC Board.
    • Work with the Board and networks to ensure all administration and communication needs are executed.
    • Coordinate member surveys and focus groups.
    • Oversee WASEC brand and reputation, including adherence to style guides, updating website, presentations, publications, and resources.
  • Work with the Treasurer and staff to evaluate and report on network activities and funding:
    • Monitor and grow the membership database.
    • Monitor WASEC expenditure on a monthly basis (to coincide with Committee meetings)
    • Collate data and prepare financial documentation as required.
    • Deliver an Annual Report.
    • Provide recommendations to the WASEC Committee.



  • Knowledge and understanding of social enterprise, and a passion for using market-facing business models to solve complex social problems.
  • Ability to effectively engage and liaise with a range of stakeholders, including the community sector, government, business, and philanthropy.
  • Experience in coordinating or managing a network or member-based organisation and/or relevant community engagement processes.
  • Experience managing the establishment and maintenance of system and database.
  • Experience managing website development and delivering digital communications.
  • Ability to plan, organise, promote and host stakeholder events.
  • Highly experienced organisational and administrative skills.
  • Ability to prepare operating budgets and financial reports.
  • Ability to prepare high level written reports on project activities.
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills.